No Further Questions

★★★★/ 5

Title: No Further Questions
Author: Gillian McAllister
Genre: Thriller, Mystery Crime
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The police say she’s guilty.
She insists she’s innocent.

She’s your sister.
You loved her.
You trusted her.
But they say she killed your child.

Who do you believe?

Original, devilishly clever and impossible to forget, this is a thriller with a difference. You won’t be able to tear yourself away from the trial that will determine both sisters’ fates.


I requested this book as soon as I read its summary. How could I not? Did the sister kill the baby? I had to know! I couldn’t imagine anything worse than losing a child – and to think it was your own flesh and blood that did it, well I knew I was set for a thrilling read.

McAllister carefully plots the novel so that you flip between the current trial in progress and then pieces of the past. As you begin to learn about the dynamics between the sisters, you begin to make your own assumptions about what could have happened that night.

Without giving anything away, I can say that everything is not what it seems. McAllister did a great job of keeping the reader interested and made me really care about the sisters. From the start, I was hoping it was one big misunderstanding because it’s such a horrible scenario and the alternate truth is just unthinkable.

I think this book would make an awesome movie, as its really interesting reading how the trial unfolds and seeing how all the events led up to the horrible death of the daughter. If you enjoy murder mysteries and you’re a fan of shows like Bull and Law and Order, then you will really enjoy No Further Questions.

What have been some of your favourite murder mystery books to read? Do you always guess who the killer is right away?

I received a copy of this ARC thanks to Netgalley in trade for a fair and honest review.