★★★★/ 5

Title: Reverie
Author: Ryan La Sala
Genre: YA, Fantasy, LGBTQI
Release Date: 10th December, 2019
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When Kane tries to piece together his memories, his definition of reality starts to come undone…
All Kane Montgomery knows is that the police found him half-dead in the river. The only witness – his little sister Sophia – claims he was dragged there by something not of this world. If Kane can’t come up with a better explanation, he’ll be shipped off to award.

As Kane pieces together clues, he’s confronted by reality rapidly coming undone. The local community college warps into a subterranean temple, a historical estate nearby blooms into a Victorian romance, and people come out of the woodwork, claiming to be his secret friends. Increasingly tangible and terrifying realities materialize around Kane…and then his memories begin to return.


I first heard about this book by a reviewer friend of mine who was crowing about it from the tops of the mountains about how much we all needed to read this book. She absolutely loved Reverie and so when she told me the story had to do with dreams I was instantly curious to know more (I’m a sucker for the unconscious mind).

From the moment I picked up this book I knew it was something special. The writing from the very first chapter is crafted expertly by La Sala and his passion and enthusiasm for this story is evident in every chapter. I have so many favourite lines from this first chapter that I’m pretty sure my kindle was going to ask me if I just wanted to get on with it and just highlight the entire chapter!

The main character Zane, while 100% relatable with his snarky one-liners, is also wonderfully flawed. What I found most interesting was how La Sala straps you in for a rare journey of re-self discovery as our protagonists slowly uncoils and pieces his memory back together with an odd cast of other entertaining and heartwarming characters.

If I could describe the nature of this book it would be to call it a circus – but in the best way possible. There is so much wonder and awe, and brilliant shiny things I hadn’t seen before in a fantasy novel. I was clinging to my seat as La Sala, like the true ringmaster he is, welcomes you to an experience unlike any other.

If you enjoy mind-bending theatrics like The Matrix or Dr Strange and you enjoy a fast-paced read with hilarious one-liners then this is the perfect book for you. Delving into a person subconscious mind has never seemed so appealing or as entertaining as it was in this book and I completely recommend you give this book a go in order to change up the Fae/Vampire/Assassin books that are crowding the shelves nowadays.