Wolf Girl

★★★★★/ 5

Title: Wolf Girl
Author: Anh Do
Genre: Children’s Fiction, Adventure, Animal
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A wildly exciting new adventure series from bestselling author Anh Do.

I crawled onto the bank and collapsed, exhausted.
From the dirt, I looked up in amazement at four dogs staring down at me.
Was I dreaming? Had I gone mad? It all seemed very real.
‘You guys saved me!’ I said, as I sat up in my dripping clothes. ‘I owe you.’

When disaster separates Gwen from her family, she must fend for herself, all alone in the wilderness.
Luckily, she’s not alone for long… When a wolf puppy, a Labrador, a Chihuahua, and a greyhound want to make friends, Gwen discovers talents she didn’t know she possessed.

It will take all her new skills and strength just to survive. Does Gwen have what it takes to be a leader of the pack?


If you are looking for a great read for a primary school-aged child then look no further. Wolf Girl is a brilliant story about a young girl, Gwen, who is separated from her family during a panicked evacuation from her home. Now scared and alone, she is forced to find her way amongst the thick forest when disasters strikes and a pack of adorable dogs rescue her and quickly become her newfound family. The story unfolds in a heartwarming and fun way as Gwen and her pack set off to find her missing family while attempting to survive in the wilderness together.

Wolf Girl is a story filled with love, loyalty, bravery, and friendship. I was instantly drawn into the story and couldn’t put it down until I found out what would happen next. Paired with stunning illustrations, Wolf Girl is a delightful and easy read that will entertain and captured the imagination of young readers. If you enjoyed Tomorrow When the War Began and animal adventure stories like Milo & Otis then this is a perfect read!