About Us

Our Mission

Harvesting the magic and anticipation of Christmas morning and delivering you bookish themed boxes that will spirit you away from the demands of real life. Who deserves it more than you?

What does Cre8ive Inspir8ions Do?

A monthly book subscription box company that devotes itself to scouring the world for items that are inspired by new and old books. By carefully selecting a new release book each month, it is our mission to inspire, thrill and delight readers with our items in the hopes of sparking a bigger conversation about books.

Meet Our Team


Sales & Production Manager


Nicky’s passion for reading books started earlier on as a child. Constantly stalking the book isles of local libraries and bookshops, Nicky dreams of writing her own fantasy book one day. In the mean time she is a wife, and full time student with the aim of completing her Bachelor is Psychological Science in December, 2018. Nicky has been a long time lover of all things bookish; if she’s not busy reviewing books online, she’s fangirling with others over her favourite books and TV series on instagram or goodreads. When Nicky found out about subscription boxes thanks to the booktube community, she was instantly disheartened at the sky high cost of shipping American boxes to Australia. This sparked an obsession to find a subscription box service that was affordable in Australia, as well as one that suited all her bookish interests. With less than a handful of book subscription companies in Australia, she was surprised to see that they all only catered to one genre and she began to hatch a plan. Determined to create her own her subscription box that met the needs of people that liked to read other genres of books, it took a year of convincing her friends and family to help her bring her dream to life. Finally, in 2018, serious plans were made to start a company and launch her first boxes in September.


Merchandising & Marketing


Vanessa’s passion for design and art has been ingrained in her very soul since she was a very young girl. After many years of working in design, running her own businesses and raising her two beautiful (and now fully grown) children, she is looking for a new creative project to delve into. Her strengths and passion lays in inspiring others to be imaginative and creative, cultivating products that are left of centre and uncovering the diamond in the rough. It was only natural for her to take the lead in sourcing quality products for the boxes and ensuring she acquired them for the best price. It is her goal to pass those savings along onto her customers and to keep the subscription boxes affordable as well as competitive. Vanessa loves scouring the globe for whimsical, interesting and fun products that suit the books they select each month, as well as spending her free time making her own customised diaries and journals. She hopes to expand the business to include stationary and artisan boxes in the coming months.




Chris is smart, level headed and full of know how about all things computers, Chris was persuaded to help Nicky and Vanessa when it came to all things IT and online retail. Not only is he the Director of the company, Chris also brings his own love of books and all things science fiction and fantasy to the table. Growing up reading The Wheel of Time series, Chris can often found be found reading well past midnight and is the first to correct the others on any misstep of Harry Potter knowledge. Having completed his own Bachelor in Information Technology he hopes to design his own video game one day, but in the mean time he is passionate about bringing the experience of a bookstore to the comfort of peoples own homes.